who is Hammer Falcon?

Were a group of gamers that have been playing games for nearly two decades.

Hailing out of New Jersey two gamers Jason Sears and Mark Paone decided one day that they would take an ambitious step towards something that just about any gamer geek would love to accomplish, make their own video game, the way they want to and like. 

So Hammer Falcon LLC. was born, primarily over booze and high caloric foods consumption (just like all over amazing ideas) in 2012 and slowly has been gaining ground. What started as two people has grown into five and three game concepts aimed at both Mobile and PC gaming markets. Our truest to heart goal is to create games that not only do we love to play, but that any gamer can pick up and feel good about after purchasing and slamming many hours into it.


over booze,
and high


The team